EAGLE-EYE CHERRY – Swedish singer

Eagle-Eye (Lanoo) Cherry is from Stockholm in Sweden and is a half-brother of singer Neneh Cherry who had hits with “Buffalo Stance” and “Manchild” in the late 80s.  His father was Don Cherry, an African-American Jazz trumpeter.

Eagle-Eye and Neneh spent long months on tour with their father, so music was in their blood.  After his father’s death in 1995, Eagle-Eye began writing and recording his first album, “Desireless” which spawned the big hits “Save Tonight” and “Falling In Love Again”.  He also co-wrote and sung “Wishing It Was” on Santana’s 1999 album “Supernatural” and used his first love of acting to appear in a few films.  Since releasing his last album “Sub Rosa” in 2003 he has come back to record the new 2012 album “Can’t Get Enough”.

I first saw Eagle-Eye Cherry on MTV in the video “Save Tonight”, he looked cool, laid-back and cheeky and looked to be having fun in the video.  The song was an instant hit with me, and it reached high chart  positions all around the world.  It’s considered to be the signature song of Eagle-Eye and it was the lead track on his first album, “Desireless”.  His live show was also a hit in every country he performed.

I have been waiting for the next album for 7 years and wondered if he’d given up music altogether.  Apparently he has been soul searching and trying to find his love in music again since his mother (Swedish artist Moki Cherry) died.  He waited to find the right time to record again, now he is back.

Eagle-Eye’s debut album “Desireless” was finally released in 1998 and opened with the funky Acoustic-style rocker “Save Tonight”.  The album was guitar driven and was both atmospheric and fresh.  It contained the other big hit, another singalong “Falling In Love Again” and the poppy and catchy “Conversation”.  There is the Prince-like and prophetic “Death Defied By Will” and “Desireless” ends the album in a probable tribute to his late father, with lots of piano and Jazz horns.
The second album “Living In The Present Future” was always going to be hard going to beat the success of his first album.  The Kravitz-style hit single “Are You Having Fun?” is here and the soft, lilting “Promises Made”.  The funky duet with his half-sister Neneh “Long Way Around” stands up as a great pop single as does the Santana duet ” Wishing It Was”, which was also featured on the guitar legend’s “Supernatural” album.
Album 3 “Sub Rosa” proved to be the last album for many years until his latest release.  The Rock-Pop-Funk “Skull Tattoo” was the big hit from this collection and the darkly haunting “The Strange”  “Twisted Game” is a throwback to the 60s and 70s classic pop while the closing track “No Parade” is a hypnotic, mesmerising 70s Progressive Rock song.  Another Prince-esque track “How Come” is my favourite with great guitar riffs.
The latest album “Can’t Get Enough” is back to the fresh sound of “Desireless”.  The title track is a quirky foot tapper with a prominent drumbeat and chorus.  “The Itch” is a 70s style almost T-Rex-like with a catchy chorus while “Picture Me” is Classic Rock territory.  The lovely ballad “Something” and the Red Hot Chili Peppers style of “You Kill Me (Everyday)” make this a brilliant comeback album for Mr Cherry.
Eagle-Eye Cherry has released 4 studio albums including the new 2012 offering “Can’t Get Enough”.  He released another version of “Living In The Present Future” called “Present/Future” with replacement tracks in certain parts of Europe and also a live album only released in Brazil called “Live and Kicking”.

Get an introduction to Mr Cherry’s music with the songs listed below.
“Save Tonight”, “Falling In Love Again”, “Conversation”, “Death Defied By Will”, “Desireless”.
(From the album “Desireless”).
“Are You Having Fun?”, “Long Way Around”, “Wishing It Was”, “Promised Made”, “Burning Up”.
(From the album “Living In The Present Future”)
“Skull Tattoo”, “The Strange”, “No Parade”, “Twisted Game”, “How Come”.
(From the album “Sub Rosa”).
“Can’t Get Enough”, “The Itch”, “Picture Me”, “Something”, “You Kill Me (Everyday)”.
(From the album “Can’t Get Enough”).