4 2 WATCH – Sneak peek at 4 up and coming artists! – Erin Mason/Steve Moran/Cardboard Hit/Diana Barash


Erin is a new Country singer/songwriter from Raleigh, North California, USA.  The influences are there for all to hear, Colbie Caillat, Adele and Norah Jones, to name but a few.

This lady has many talents, writing since the age of seven and also formed and managed a four piece harmonic girl band called Penny Road.  Apart from having a beautiful voice Erin is an accomplished pianist and guitarist.
Erin has just released her debut E.P. entitled “Reckless”.  The title track is a typical lilting Country track with a catchy little chorus.  My favourite has to be “Kissin’ Ain’t A Crime”, which is an uptempo foot tapper, reminding me a little of Dixie Chicks.
In the spare time she has amidst the touring and writing Erin also studies as a Chancellor’s Scholar at Appalachian University as well as baking “killer” cookies!.  She also lends her hand to various charitable causes and worked on rehabilitation projects in Raleigh with hammer in hand and wearing overalls.  Behind the sweet smile is clearly a girl with talent, intelligence and hard work ethic in abundance, bigger things are surely to come!

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Steve Moran is an Alternative singer/songwriter using the spoken word and is a man with a message.  Hailing from Manchester, this unassuming guy uses his songs to convey emotion, harsh truths and showing a way out of the darkness.


Steve writes his songs based on his own experiences and the perils of everyday life that affect others.  Although only releasing two singles to date, he has received wide acclaim from many countries and had airplay on MTV and the second single was a minor American chart hit.


This guy is unique, the first single “Wasn’t Meant To Be This Way” lyrically covers society problems of today while the video tells another story, it received emotive feedback by viewers and listeners alike.  “What A Waste” covers alcoholism and real life dilemmas.  Clearly the message he is sending is honest, provocative, positive and delivered with emotion.
Steve has been working hard to show people there is light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel.  Obviously, to hear the words, he has suffered a few turbulent times in his own life, and music is his salvation.  What better way to pass on a message of hope than through music, Steve just wants to push the boundaries and give everyone a voice!

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Cardboard Hit are a three piece band consisting of Ross Towner, Lee Hayes and Matt Rouse.  The band play an Alternative Rock but I also think there is an element of Punk in there as well.  There are great unusual vocal harmonies coinciding with a pounding drums and powerful guitar riffs.
The debut E.P. entitled “Subject To Status” has just been released.  The songs “All The Voices” and “Say Yes” are brilliant rockers.  The band have been compared to Muse or Queens Of The Stone Age, but to me they bring to mind a hybrid of Progressive Rock such as Led Zeppelin with a little Midnight Oil and Wall Of Voodoo thrown in for good measure!


Cardboard Hit are a unique band, checking out some of the performances on YouTube and they are also a tight, exciting group on stage as well.
Formed in East Sussex, only Matt is from that area with Ross from North London and Lee from Cheshire.  The three different backgrounds make three different characters, but also three friends who certainly rock together and are set for stardom, I will certainly be keeping my eye on this band.

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Diana, born in Eastern Europe began her Classical music training at seven years old amidst the falling Soviet Union ruling.  Her influences have become wider with Jazz, R ‘n B and pop after travelling across the world to base herself in L.A. in the USA.
The debut album, “Miracle Of Love” was released in 2013 and upon first listen you can hear a little Olivia Newton-John in her voice, a pure, sultry vocal.  Then you pick up a little Kylie or Delta Goodrem.  I am sure there are more influences hidden in this talented lady’s library.
Diana’s songs provoke the listener to feel the emotions of love, hope and are delivered in such a soulful way it’s hard not to relax and immerse yourself into the soothing lyrical delivery.
The album has several tracks co-written with Sunny Paxson, the Jazz pianist and composer.  There are a couple of tracks with that instant Jazz feel such as “After The Rain” and “Life” but also the soft and beautiful “Save The World”.  The album is an eclectic mix and keeps you guessing what comes next but what is a constant is the mesmerising soulful voice of Diana Barash! The lovely lady is currently working on new material.

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