4 2 WATCH – Sneak peek at 4 up and coming artists! – Laura Bentley/Eleanor Nelly/Alex Marie Brinkley/Anna Meline


17 years old Laura is from Runcorn in Cheshire, England.  Her influences range from Ed Sheeran, Hayley Williams, The Honey Trees and Nina Nesbitt.  She is an all-rounder as she sings, writes and plays Acoustic guitar.

I first heard Laura on a video her dad (who is an old school friend of mine) posted on Facebook called “Morgan’s Song”.  This was a simply beautiful song Laura composed about her best friend who had lost 3 members of her family in the space of 12 months.  She taught herself guitar from YouTube videos and a little help from dad!  Laura writes to relax and express her feelings in the hope people share her stories or just enjoy listening.

As a listener of much music, when I heard Laura’s voice it was one of those “wow” moments, when you think, this girl is a star and was born to sing.  Laura has played a few gigs and her dream is to share her songs with thousands of people and have them sing them back to her!
She first started learning to play piano but the guitar interested her more.  Her songs mean something to her, they are her experiences, her innermost feelings.  The voice on “Morgan’s Song” sends a tingle down your spine, that this girl is a special talent.  If she keeps on writing songs like this the world really is her oyster.

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Eleanor Nelly is a 15 year old singer songwriter from Liverpool who has created a quiet little following around the town gigging regularly.  Her influences are far and wide and include My Chemical Romance, The Hummingbirds, Slash, Billy Joel and Johnny Cash!


Although Eleanor’s music influences are very eclectic, her voice is very unique, the closest comparison I could make is like a strange hybrid of Eva Cassidy and Alanis Morissette, and that is pushing me for someone to liken her to!
Eleanor is also an actress and can play piano and her manager is her mum!  Obviously the talent has been around for some time in the family.  I first heard this lady on BAY TV Liverpool channel’s Acoustic sessions, playing a few songs, just her and her guitar.  I just thought she was an accomplished performer I was amazed at her age when I searched Google for more music.
The stand out track from this Acoustic session was “Insane And Loved”.  For such a young age Eleanor Nelly is surely on the brink of the big time!

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17 year old Alexandra Marie Brinkley was born in Fort Worth, Texas in USA.  So the story goes her musician mother was happy her daughter started singing at 1 years of age, unable to talk but could carry a tune! Certainly born to perform then!
Alex says she wants people to relate to her music and not be alone with their problems.  The first song she wrote called ” Fly” was about her being bullied at school, she went on to perform for other people and though only young she listens compassionately to her friends and other people and writes from her point of view of their troubles.
Alex sings and plays piano and has over 60 original songs in her repertoire as well as 40 or so cover versions.  She sings around the state as much as she can and anywhere she can.  Her influences include Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato.  She is apparently a down to earth personality and very humble of her talent.  She will go far.
When I first heard about Alex I instantly thought of Vanessa Carlton’s style who is also an influence of hers along with singer pianist Sara Bareilles.  Alex has a single on iTunes called “Tell Me” and has recently released an E.P. entitled “Love Everything” which features the lovely Acoustic number “Hello Heartbreak”.

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Anna Meline is a 21 year old singer songwriter and guitarist from Sweden.  Interested in music production during her school years she applied for University, unfortunately failed the admission test and decided to find a way into the music business on her own.


Anna got her first guitar at 13 years old and started singing her own poems as a way to express herself and handle different problems in a productive way, performing.  Her voice is very unique and it takes time to tune in to the Euro Pop Rock voice with the English/Swedish accent vocalising over various genres of music.
The music of Anna Meline variates from Dance to Pop to an almost Indie Country style.  It’s hard to define but it is original.  She has released a couple of singles and just recently her debut album entitled “I Couldn’t Stay” which contains 7 tracks.
My favourite track is probably “What For” which is a Euro Rock ballad, this was the first time I’d heard Anna.  This lady says she may have written a few songs about people that enter her life.  Her ex-teacher Tord Martinsson co-produced her album and her friend Emilia Johansson helps promote with photos and videos.  Certainly, Anna does not forget those who enter her life and have a positive effect on her.  Originality, determination and being humble of her talent aare sure to take Anna Meline far!

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