4 2 WATCH – Sneak peek at 4 up and coming artists! – Gina Zavalis/Puppet Rebellion/Jazz Mino/Andy Suzuki And The Method


Gina is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, USA and her multi-faceted voice is making big waves on the music scene.  The radio and international press are buzzing about this new star as she has been named as an artist to watch in several media outlets.

I heard the lady on ReverbNation singing the gorgeous song “I Am Here”, it reminded me a little of Classical singer Katherine Jenkins, a big, very emotive, powerful voice.  She also has some Barbra Streisand/Olivia Newton-John vibes going on.  Praise indeed to be compared to the aforementioned great singers but this lady is one of a kind.
A mix of Country/Pop/Classical styles has given her the strength in depth that not many singers possess.  Gina also has acting background appearing in roles as diverse as Eva Peron in “Evita”, Rosali in “West Side Story” in regional and national productions.  A very talented lady she has also embraced social media, working extremely hard promoting herself on Twitter and Facebook.  The looks, brains and talent to go far, global fame must sure be coming!
Gina has collaborated with Nashville producer Doug Beiden on her self-titled debut E.P.  The lead single “In Your Eyes” has been number 1 on the ReverbNation Nashville local pop chart.  Currently working on her second E.P. Gina is going places, I think she may be kept a little more busy soon!

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Puppet Rebellion are a five piece Indie band from Manchester, England.  Comprising of Oliver Davis (vocals), Danny Moss (drums), Paul Trochowski (guitar), James Halliwell (bass) and Craig Gibson (guitar), the band are currently releasing their 3rd E.P. in August 2015 entitled “Life Is In Your Hands”.

Following the first two E.P.’s “Chemical Friends” and “No Means Yes” the band have been amassing a fan base and media attention, primarily with their live performances supporting the likes of Reverend And The Makers and Catfish And The Bottlemen around the Northwest and other UK venues.

For me, I think the band are a mix of Razorlight and The Jam, although that’s just my opinion.  There are elements of Classic Rock guitar riffs and some great melodies, like a really rocky version of Inspiral Carpets.  There is obviously a Manchester sound but the band are breaking the stereotypes of the likes of Oasis, for reasons beyond me, the new bands want to be likened to.  This is a new band with a new sound, and they can play! Favourite tracks of mine are “Claim To Fame” and “Cupboards Painted Red”.
Both Manchester football clubs have embraced the Puppet Rebellion sound using tracks for Goal Of The Month (City) and half-time music Champions League music (United).  It’s time we hear more of this great band on the radio’s around the country and beyond.  An Indie Rock band with a difference, the Puppet Rebellion starts here!

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Based in London, but originally from Manchester, Jazz Mino is a Pop Jazz busker/singer who regularly can be found busking with her ukulele around Piccadilly Circus!  With her catchy songs, infectious charm and unique dress style she has been enchanting audiences around the capital’s music scene,

The music press started taking notice of this talented lady after her debut single “The Dorkiness in You” was released.  She has a growing fan base and won the KISS FM Music Cube Competition in 2014.   Jazz followed up this single with “Blue Eyes” and is intending to release her next in late 2015.

Jazz has the music style of Imelda May with a little cute craziness of Miss Li.  A powerful soulful voice matches the quirkiness of her incredibly catchy songs.  The lady has not only captured the British hearts, she has promoted the art of busking as part of the “Sofia Welcomes The Streets Of London” project.  This meant TV time on Bulgarian media!
The lady played a private gig for the Mayor of London, reached the final of GIGS Big Busk in 2014 and played at renowned venues such as Proud Camden and Ronnie Scott’s.  Jazz Mino is set for bigger things,  I will look forward to the debut album!

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This New York based band are a multi-cultural set of musicians, mainly fronted by half-Japanese, half-Jewish Andy Suzuki and Kozza Babumba, grandson of Grammy award winning Nigerian percussionist, Babatunde Olatunji.  These diverse backgrounds serve up a mix of styles, mainly but not tied to Folk, Blues and Rock!
The band formed at University when Andy met Kozza in 2005, in 2008 they enlisted violinist Jason Gorelick.  They released their first E.P. “300 Pianos” a year later and in 2012 released their second, “The Ghost Stories E.P.”.  In 2011 they were selected as Manhattan’s winner for WNYC’s annual Battle of the Boroughs and also in 2012 they toured Brunei, sponsored by KFC and UBD FM.  The Brunei fans called themselves Methodons or Methodonnas!
The band have been touring their shows around the US, building a solid fan club and have released their debut album, “Born Out Of Mischief”, which was hotly anticipated by the music press and media.  The first single “Keep Me Running” premiered on Billboard.com a week before the album’s release.  The Urban Daily has named the band as one of the “25 Artists That Need To Be Heard”.  So what are you waiting for?
The band remind me of a few bands I’ve already covered in these pages, sometimes INXS, sometimes Kane, sometimes Support Lesbiens.  It’s a very melodic rock style, the ballads especially are a more laid back Jon Bon Jovi.  This band have a bundle of superb lyrical, melodious numbers, my favourites being “Virginia”, “Belly Of The Beast” and “Dirty Floors”.  Check them out!

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