4 2 WATCH – Sneak peek at 4 up and coming artists! – Sinnober/Sabrina Carpenter/Forever Still/Season Of Ghosts


Sinnober are a Danish/British band who create gorgeous melodies and harmonies in an Alternative Blues/Country/Pop sound.  The band consists of Sebastian Brice on vocals and guitar, Natalie Brice on vocals, bass and keys and Mike Griffiths on vocals, drums and percussion.

The band’s debut CD “Sinnober” was released in January 2015 and are currently working on their second album.  I first saw the video to “Fool (To Be Your Lover)” and was instantly taken in by not only the brilliant performance but the vocals of Natalie and Sebastian compliment each other beautifully. There are several live performance videos of songs on YouTube and you can see what a tight trio of musicians they are.

The album is a collection of songs of such variety that everyone who listens can pick up something new.  “Lucky 13” is an uptempo 70s fast Rock Blues track while the sweet “Never Is A Long Time” is reminiscent of The Everly Brothers.  The songs are well constructed and brilliantly executed showing the band’s depth.  There are elements of the 60s and 70s, with Pop, Folk, Rock, Blues, Americana, Country and Indie all covered.  Big things are coming for this band currently based in South West England.  The album was majorly recorded in their home studio.

Currently touring, playing festivals and getting noticed by radio and critics alike, I would like to see more of this band as they are a very special trio indeed.


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Sabrina is a 16 year old actress and singer from Pennsylvania, USA and has appeared in Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World.   The Disney corporation has unearthed major Pop stars Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and most recently, Miley Cyrus.  Ironically, Sabrina came third in The Next Miley Cyrus Project, a singing contest run by Miss Cyrus.


Sabrina cites her influences as being the aforementioned Christina and also Adele.  Her voice is powerful and also emotive, continuing her singing career would surely make her a big star in music.  There’s a little Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato lurking underneath the wholesome image, a little bite and determination comes through in her vocals.
“Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying”, the debut E.P. was released in 2014 and the lead track (which Meghan Trainor had a hand in writing) was voted “Best Crush” song at the Radio Disney Awards.  The album “Eyes Wide Open” followed in 2015 and reached #29 on the Billboard 200.
From the straight sing along candy pop of “The Middle Of Starting Over” to the obvious influence of Christina and Adele (“Two Hearts”) and Taylor (“Your Love’s Like”).  There is something for all tastes on the album and I think there is more to come from this young lady to be more than just a teen singing sensation but to a global music star.  Let’s hope so.


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Forever Still are a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark who play an atmospheric, harmonic Rock similar to Evanescence and Within Temptation.  They are the ultimate D.I.Y group, delivering all of their 3 E.P.s to date on a “pay what you want” basis, which has brought them an ever growing fan base along with their high energy, full blown in your face gigs.  Its how it should be, its all about the music for this band.
Consisting of Mikkel Haastrup on bass, guitar, keyboards and drums, Dennis Post on guitar and the powerhouse vocals of Maja Schonning.  The 3 E.P’s released so far have brought critical acclaim and have built a massive online presence which will surely bode well for the release of the debut album coming soon.
The songs, although similar in basics to the aforementioned bands have a unique feel.  “The Key” (from the debut E.P. “Breaking Free”) for instance has elements of late 70s Heart before ending with heavy metal piercing screams!  The following E.P.’s “Scars” and “Save Me” are part of a trilogy of E,P’s which will form a concept debut album “Tied Down”.  The theme is about an individual overcoming anxiety, stress, depression and all that comes with it but becoming well in the end.
This is a band going places with a unique drive to succeed but keeping their music in their blood and gaining fans in a really positive and inspiring way.  Forever Still are ones to watch!


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Season Of Ghosts are the unique brainchild of Greek singer/songwriter/producer Sophie  Aslanidou.  Sophie is in charge of everything on the debut album, “The Human Paradox”.  Season Of Ghosts provide a backdrop of imaginative Science Fiction/Horror soundtracks with Rock riffs and eerie electronic sounds with intertwined storytelling singing.  Sound unusual? It is, but highly compelling listening!
In 2010 the inventive and talented Sophie moved to Japan and was singer of Trance Rock band Blood Stain Child.  After a successful stint in the band led to critical acclaim in Japan she also performed in various collaboration projects before looking at her next venture.
In 2014 she founded Invictus Media ( a company specialising in soundtrack and album production) with guitarist Zombie Sam (who, along with bassist Paul Brown and drummer Max Buell form backing band Ghost Legion).  Sophie is not only talented but also very intelligent and versatile.  She speaks six languages including her native Greek and English.  She has been a pioneer for the J-culture community outside of Japan and has been involved in band management, event organising
 and even VJ!.
The album “The Human Paradox” was released in December 2014 and contains a variety of tracks including the rather lovely lilting “Beautiful Eternal Things” and romantic sounding “The Road To Acheron”.  “Time Travellers” is like an Electronic Rock version of Evanescence and there are so many genres hidden in this unique set of tracks.  There are searing guitars, operatic vocals and orchestral hints.  I hope there is another album in the pipeline from this unusual lady and her legion!


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