This is a new series, I will listen to all the 80s albums released by the decade’s artists and judge the songs that were not singles (in the UK) from an album.  I will give my opinion whether the remaining songs were just fillers or could have been singles.  How many singles I can find will determine the final rating of how good the album is as a whole.  Below 49% = Poor/50-64% = Average/65-79% = Very Good/80-100% = Excellent.  There will be a different artist each blog.  I am a big fan of all the artists I review in this series, so I have to think hard if the song would wow the chart public, even if they are my favourite songs!


Members – Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (Vocals/Guitar/Cowbell/Synths/Drums).

MADONNA (#6) (1983) –
Tracks –
Lucky Star/Borderline/Burning Up/I Know It/Holiday/Think Of Me/Physical Attraction/Everybody.
Singles –
Lucky Star (#14)/Borderline (#2)/Burning Up (#0)/Holiday (#2)/Everybody (#0).
Potential Singles –
I Know It – Similar in Pop Dance to Lucky Star and Borderline with catchy chorus, could have caught on.
Think Of Me – Has that same disco beat as Holiday and Everybody, classic Madonna.
Fillers –
Physical Attraction (A little overlong and slow burner, not one of my favourites and too repetitive to be catchy).
Excellent album! 7 singles from 8 tracks.  87.5/100.

LIKE A VIRGIN (#1) (1984) –
Tracks –
Material Girl/Angel/Like A Virgin/Over And Over/Love Don’t Live Here Anymore/Dress You Up/Shoo-Bee-Doo/Pretender/Stay.
Singles –
Material Girl (#3)/Angel (#5)/Like A Virgin (#3)/Dress You Up (#5).
Potential Singles –
Over And Over – Catchy chorus, great Madonna singalong, pulsating beat, surefire hit.
Shoo-Bee-Doo – Half ballad, half dance, great vocals and catchy chorus and cute Pop at its best.
Stay – Catchy all round Pop, easy hit!
Fillers –
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Actually a favourite of mine, Madonna’s first real ballad, cover of Rose Royce.  Not sure at her peak this would have had radio airplay sadly)/Pretender (not one of my favourites, similar to Physical Attraction, overlong and not instantly catching the ears).
Very good album! 7 singles from 9 tracks.  77.7/100.

TRUE BLUE (#1) (1986) –
Tracks –
Papa Don’t Preach/Open Your Heart/White Heat/Live To Tell/Where’s The Party/True Blue/La Isla Bonita/Jimmy Jimmy/Love Makes The World Go Round.
Singles –
Papa Don’t Preach (#1)/Open Your Heart (#4)/Live To Tell (#2)/La Isla Bonita (#1)/True Blue (#1).
Potential Singles –
Where’s The Party – Dance party singalong track, easily a big heat if released.
Love Makes The World Go Round – Sung at Live Aid and went down a storm, easy hit, funky, Reggae sounding and dancey.
Fillers –
White Heat (Average Madonna track, sounds like a background soundtrack to a movie, not a stand out track)/Jimmy Jimmy (Not a bad track, sounds like something from “Grease” but I don’t think it would have caught radio listeners’ ears).
Very good album! 7 singles from 9 tracks.  77.7/100.

LIKE A PRAYER (#1) (1989) –
Tracks –
Like A Prayer/Express Yourself/Love Song/Til’ Death Do Us Part/Promise To Try/Cherish/Dear Jessie/Oh Father/Keep It Together/Spanish Eyes/Act Of Contrition.
Singles –
Like A Prayer (#1)/Express Yourself (#5)/Cherish (#3)/Dear Jessie (#5)/Oh Father (#16).
Potential Singles –
Till Death Do Us Part – A little Abba/Roxette sounding, great song, a sign of Madonna’s more mature sound.
Keep It Together – Great track, one of my favourites, I think it was a big dancefloor hit in USA, classic Madonna Funk Dance with a message.
Fillers –
Love Song (Superb collaboration with my other idol Prince but too non-radio friendly to be a hit, experimental, classy and off beat, wish they made more together)/Promise To Try (A little too “musical” for me, not as emotional as “Oh Father”)/Pray For Spanish Eyes (Like “Promise To Try” but a little better, very nice song but there are too many better songs for singles on this album)/Act Of Contrition (Easy filler to end the album).
Average album! 7 singles from 11 tracks.  63.6/100.

My favourite 80s Madonna tracks?
Top 20 in no particular order –
1   Open Your Heart
2   Love Song
3   Holiday
4   Lucky Star
5   Dear Jessie
6   Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
7   Like A Prayer
8   Keep It Together
9   Cherish
10 Like A Virgin
11  True Blue
12  Papa Don’t Preach
13  Live To Tell
14  La Isla Bonita
15  Dress You Up
16  Material Girl
17  Burning Up
18  Shoo-Be-Doo
19  Think Of Me
20 Love Makes The World Go Round
Check back for another 80s artist review 🙂