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Music and writing has been in my blood since the age of 14 when I composed my first song. My background includes a number of poems, song writing and creating a few internet music albums.
My music ear started listening to my parents’ 50s music including The Drifters and Elvis Presley and being born in the late 60s I also picked up the likes of Simon and Garfunkel and The Monkees. As the 70s wore on and neared my teens I was listening to Abba, The Sweet and my brother’s classic rock vinyl such as Rush, Thin Lizzy and AC/DC. The 80s decade were my teens and like any other teen I claimed my own identity and had music idols such Adam Ant, Blondie, Prince and Madonna.
With a talent for writing and a variety of listening pleasure I decided to combine my two loves. In August 2014 I earned a Music Journalism Diploma which enabled me to embark on blogging and journalism.
I created my own blog entitled “New Music Ear”, specialising in reviewing new or unknown artists, themed articles and 80s era. To date it is well on the way to picking up 19,000 views. I am rapidly building an excellent reputation on the web, regularly receiving contact from artists and music management to review their music.
In November 2014 my first article went to print in California’s Music Insider Magazine, written about Runcorn band The Fireflys, who sent me their thanks and continue to promote my pages on Twitter. Australian band Sheppard also thanked me for a great review. This proved to me I had the talent to give a good critique and gain respect from the artists themselves. An article on Irish duo Hudson Taylor also made the same magazine’s online blog in January 2015.  Lots more artists have since passed on good feedback and their amazing support and my blog has grown in reputation, at the time of writing, to almost a 1,000 views every month!
My goal is to have an excellent dual reputation and presence in print and on the web.

I am open to reviewing new music for my blog, so any artists out there feel free to contact me. If any publication (newspaper/magazine)would like me to write a music review, a themed article or an 80’s article, please drop me a line. I am open to ideas and am willing to give one unpaid article per publication, to expand my experience.

Exclusive Album Reviews – If you would like a good, honest independent review of your new or latest album release for your exclusive promotional use AND free promotion on my blog NEW MUSIC EAR please contact me.

Conditions – All promotional use of said review should include my name as author and my website NEW MUSIC EAR. Paid exclusive reviews will appear on my website in full including summary and every track critiqued and a video and link to your Official sites, Twitter, Facebook as well as synchronised publishing of said review to Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn.

No refunds.

CHARGES:   (£1.00 per song (includes 2 full listens of each track. ($2.60 OR 2.32 EUROS)) + (£20.00 for time worked on the review, typing and inserting in the blog with a video) ($26 OR 23.20 EUROS)

For example, if your album is 10 songs that would cost £10 + the time worked £20 = £30.

Now making reviews of single songs. Have a new single or video you need to spread the word about? Contact me and for £2,$2.59 or 2.36 Euros. I will review it and share it to New Music Ear,Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn and send you personal copy. E.P.’s at £2, $2.59 or 2.36 EUROS per song(up to 4 songs, more than 4 will be at album price)
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