TEGAN & SARA – Canadian band

Tegan & Sara are an Indie Rock band from Calgary, Alberta in Canada who started out as a serious band in 1995.  They are identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin… Continue reading

KELLI ALI – English/Indian singer

Kelli Dayton aka Kelli Ali was born in Birmingham, England on 30th June, 1974.  Born to an Irish/English mother and Indian father she was first known as front woman to the Trip-Hop group… Continue reading


In 1984 something changed my perception of music.  That something was a single by Prince called “When Doves Cry”.  It was a massive hit in the USA and soon became a hit here… Continue reading

EAGLE-EYE CHERRY – Swedish singer

Eagle-Eye (Lanoo) Cherry is from Stockholm in Sweden and is a half-brother of singer Neneh Cherry who had hits with “Buffalo Stance” and “Manchild” in the late 80s.  His father was Don Cherry, an… Continue reading

SARAH CONNOR – German singer

Sarah Connor born Sarah Marianne Corina Lewe is a German singer-songwriter.  Her debut into music came in 2001 and she became the first solo act ever to have 4 consecutive number ones in the… Continue reading


From Abba and The Sweet to Blondie, from Bon Jovi to Prince and Madonna, my first proper fan experience was with Adam and the Ants. The 80s for me is still the greatest… Continue reading

KANE – Dutch band

Kane are a Dutch Rock group, make proper “Guitar Rock” and were inspired by bands like U2, Pearl Jam, Queen and Nirvana.  So much inspired by U2 in fact that they released a special… Continue reading


Support Lesbiens hail from the Czech Republic.  They formed in 1992 and released a couple of Heavy Rock albums but faced a tough challenge to be accepted by their peers.  They primarily sing in… Continue reading